3 Things You Need To Know About Feeding Your Cat

Cats are great pets but fussy creatures; they require constant attention and food. You must feed them, take them to the vet and clean their litter box regularly. Some cats are gentle creatures while others can be feral when in the wild. Here are some tips on how you should feed your cats:

They are carnivores

Cats don’t eat vegetables, they are carnivores; they are different from dogs or humans. They are very inflexible when it comes to food and nutrition. They need to consume a lot of meat in order to be healthy and strong. Cats can eat tons of meat but if humans ate so much they would be long dead from heart disease. Some people think cats and dogs are alike but they aren’t they have similar characteristics. You must never feed your cat thru cat doors, dog food that has too many carbohydrates. Cats need cat food or boiled fish (no bones) and you can opt for including oven-baked cat food if you are in a hurry too. The high carbohydrate content in cat food can lead to obesity and then diabetes.

Picking the best cat food

Check the standards mentioned to feed and control pets that will ensure that the food your cat consumes is safe. The safety guidelines focus on meeting minimum needs of any cat. The terms gourmet and premium are simply used as marketing strategies. Your vet would recommend food for your cat whether wet or dry in nature. You can get your cat to taste the food, this will help you figure out if the food causes diarrhea after being consumed. Cats are fussy so if he or she doesn’t like food, you must get something else they are known for staying hungry if they don’t like what they are given. A cat in hunger can develop liver failure. If you are switching food gradually make the change, this will ensure that your cat will slowly get accustomed to the new food. Think of including oven-baked cat food for your kitty, a holistic approach to baked food is much better than highly processed ones.

Think of raw fish

Most pet owners only give their cats’ dry food and dry food lacks water, carbohydrates are too high as well as protein in meat based products. Dry food has gone through many changes in high temperature which has destructed their nutrients. It contains bacteria and fungus too. There is nothing fresh about store bought dry food so think of raw boiled fish or chicken for your cats. They beat food that is stored in warehouses for months at a time. The fat in the pet food can cause intestinal issues that can cause uncomfortability in your cat’s day to day regime.

Focus on buying good quality dry food if you are in a hurry and always provide a bowl of dry and wet food at least once a day. The food you give your cat can affect the fur growth and stomach intestinal activity.

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