How To Care For Your Turtle The Right Way

Turtles are a common choice in matter of exotic pets. People like them because they think they are quiet and don’t involve much taking care of. In reality, things couldn’t be more different. From what food they eat, to the environment they are used to live in, before deciding to buy a turtle, we need to study their lifestyle and behavior.

First, let’s talk about feeding. Even if turtle food, such as dog beds for sale, is available on the market, there’s more about caring for water turtles, than meets the eye. In fact, there are a limited number of turtles that are exclusively herbivorous or carnivorous. Most species need to combine protein food with greens. Even turtles that are strictly carnivorous consume a fair amount of green. Fruit is also recommended to be fed to turtles. Depending on the type of turtle, it is safe to feed them a wide variety of fruits such as mango, tomato, grapes, pear, strawberry, figs, romaine lettuce, mustard leaves, and leaves of radish, collard greens, and carrot and so on. Turtles also eat a variety of aquatic plants, so watch out for poisonous ones. Some also need to be fed live prey and younger specimens are more carnivorous than the adults. Ask a knowledgeable vet what kind of food you can feed your turtle. You might not find that kind of information in pet shops.

Turtles can only digest their food when associated with water. And turtle food, such as dog products online Australia at, needs water to dissolve. Some turtles don’t secrete saliva so they need water to swallow. Keep in mind that in the absence of water, turtle’s cannon metabolize their food and may get sick and die. Water temperature is a critical factor for food digestion. Learn about the right water temperature for the type of turtle you intend to purchase. Water that is too warm or too cool will determine turtles to lose their appetite. Literally.

Find a reliable vet in the area. Not all vets possess the needed knowledge to treat reptiles. There is no law making them learn about every specie of animal sold in pet shops. Consider you may have to go a long distance to treat your pet. Also, because of an inappropriate diet, animals can suffer from diseases attributed to humans, such as kidney or liver failure. Dedicate time to interact with your pet, as lack of attention is a cause for pets to fall ill and die. In conclusion, if you want to keep your pet healthy for a long time, learn all you can about it.

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